5-mg and 10-mg once-weekly ADLARITY® transdermal system.

Not actual size.

Available in 5-mg and 10-mg strengths.

One once-weekly ADLARITY transdermal system replaces 7 days of oral donepezil 5 mg/d or 10 mg/d tablets.


  • The recommended starting dose of ADLARITY is 5 mg/d
  • After 4 to 6 weeks, the dose may be increased to the maximum dose of 10 mg/d

Switching to ADLARITY from oral donepezil

  • Patients treated with oral donepezil 5 mg/d can be switched to ADLARITY 5 mg/d once weekly
  • If the patient has been on oral donepezil 5 mg/d for at least 4 to 6 weeks or on oral donepezil 10
    mg/d, the patient may be switched immediately to ADLARITY 10 mg/d once weekly

ADLARITY is conveniently administered without regard to food intake

ADLARITY offers patients and caregivers application site flexibility1

Recommended application site

ADLARITY® may be applied to the back and upper buttocks.

Back and
upper buttocks

ADLARITY may be applied to the upper back below the shoulder blades (avoiding the spine), where it may be less likely to be removed by the patient.2

For patients who are able to self-apply or if
ADLARITY is not expected to be removed by
the patient before the full 7 days

ADLARITY® may be self-applied on the upper buttocks or the upper outer thigh.

Upper buttocks or the
upper outer thigh

easily self-applied on
the upper buttocks or
the upper outer thigh.2

ADLARITY should be replaced every 7 days. Only 1 transdermal system should be worn at a time.1

  • An application site should be chosen that has not been used in the past 14 days

See the Instructions for Use for step-by-step instructions.

  • ADLARITY use does not need to be interrupted due to bathing or hot weather. Avoid long exposure to external heat sources1
  • Store ADLARITY in the refrigerator. Allow the pouch to reach room temperature before opening1
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